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One-on-One Firearms Training


If you would like to be properly trained and prepared to safely own and use a firearm, we offer you that opportunity by attending a One-on-One live firearms training, with a highly experienced and professional instructor.

Whether you are just entering the sport of target shooting, or you want to be better prepared in this increasingly unstable world, this training is for you.  Not only will it give you the confidence you need to own and operate a firearm, it will also give you the needed skills to better defend yourself and/or your family in the event of a criminal encounter.  You will also be better prepared and comfortable in owning, carrying and/or using a firearm.  Additionally this training will help teach you how to shoot with extreme accuracy.

These classes are designed as a One-on-One training because you deserve the very best firearms training available, providing you with the most value for your investment.  You will receive our undivided attention, in order to receive the best quality and safest training available.  By training with our instructor One-on-One, in a controlled range environment, you are guaranteed to get more from this training in a shorter period of time, as the instructor will be focused on only you and your skills.  This also makes training safer for everyone, including yourself.
Just some of the skills that you can learn through our basic one-on-one handgun firearms training:
  • Basic Firearms Safety including muzzle control and trigger safety; 
  • Getting a proper grip on your firearm;
  • How to properly and safely draw your weapon from your holster quickly; 
  • How to place your finger on the trigger and master a proper trigger pull and technique; 
  • Proper shooting stance and techniques; 
  • Controlling recoil and getting back on target quickly for follow-up shots;
  • How to overcome weapon malfunctions and get back into action quickly; 
  • Firearm reloading drills and techniques; 

Classes can be tailored to your individual needs.

Contact us today to schedule a private session at one of our locations (see below) or yours.

Private Sessions:

Cost:  $80 per hour with a minimum 1 hour session.  The cost for former Foremost Defensive Solutions, LLC Concealed Firearm Permit students is only $50 per hour, with a minimum 1 hour session.  These fees do not include ammunition, targets or additional range fees or costs.  (Prices are subject to change without prior notice)

Contact us today at 801-360-7092 or by e-mail at for further details and to schedule your private session now.

Range Location:

Foremost Defensive Solutions, LLC is excited to have a business relationship with the following firearm range, in order to provide our customers with a safe and comfortable training environment for our One-on-One training classes, at a discounted price, that will save you additional costs related to this training.


Rangemasters of Utah
Spring Creek Industrial Park
712 W. 1300 N.
Springville, Utah 84663

Phone: 801-491-0909
Click here for further details regarding RANGEMASTERS of Utah

*  FREE use of firearms range while training with Foremost Defensive Solutions, LLC.
*  FREE rental of a firearm if you do not have a firearm to use during training.
*  All ammunition and targets used for training must be purchased from RANGEMASTERS while training with Foremost Defensive Solutions, LLC.
Range Masters of Utah has experienced and courteous staff who are friendly, professional and knowledgeable, always ready and willing to assist you with any and all of your firearm range needs.  Their facility and range is designed to provide you with a safe and comfortable training environment in which to build upon your firearm skills and knowledge.

As state laws vary,you we highly recommend that  first contact any other State you plan on visiting to determine all applicable laws regarding specific firearms and self defense laws in those states.

No persons with a conviction for a Misdemeanor Domestic Violence or a Felony are allowed to attend our firearms or self defense courses.  The instructor reserves the right to ask any individual that attends any of our classes or courses to leave for any reason and/or at any time.  Any individual asked to leave will be refunded the cost of the class, minus any non-refundable deposit.

CANCELLATIONS: We reserve the right to cancel any class or course if minimum enrollments are not met.  In which case, all tuition and fees will be fully refunded.  Notification of cancellation will be made by phone at least one day prior to the start of the class at which time, students will be offered the option of another class, space permitting, or a full refund.

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(Prices are subject to change without prior notice)
We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone!

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