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CPR, AED & First Aid - Training Courses
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CPR, AED, First Aid     MFA Approved 

Our goal is to train and provide to those in our community and those in the workplace, life sustaining skills. We are committed to helping companies comply with regulatory requirements, and provide individuals with the needed knowledge and skills to take action and assist in emergency situations.

What are some of the benefits and advantages our training gives to you?

  • The skills you need to provide life saving techniques to those in need, whether they are a family member, friend, acquaintance or even a stranger.
  • The confidence to step in and help save a life.  We train ordinary people for extraordinary circumstances.
  • We provide nationally recognized training and certification in several categories.
  • Generally certifications are good for 2 years, with the ability to renew through a training course that is typically shorter than the initial training received.
  • We help employers meet regulatory requirements.

What are some of the benefits and advantages you receive by signing up for this class through Foremost Defensive Solutions, LLC?
  • You will be taught by an experienced and knowledgeable instructor, not just a "text book" instructor.  The instructor has used these actual lifesaving skills to save numerous lives over the years.
  • We will provide you with all training supplies and equipment needed for effective training, certification and retention of skills learned.
  • We are a MEDIC First Aid approved Training Center.
  • Not only are we certified to teach these skills only to students, we are also certified to train instructors as well.
  • Our training is provided in a consistent, positive, and stable learning environment that will help you build confidence and supports retention of the skills and knowledge acquired.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • A minimum 10% discount on many other classes we offer, after completion of this course.
  • You can attend one of our regular classes or we will happily teach the course from the comfort of your own home or office (minimum class size or a minimum fee is required for a private session - further discounts may also apply to organizers of classes with 6 students or more).  Click HERE for information regarding our private sessions.

Our comprehensive class is designed with you in mind.  Our goal is to answer any and all questions that you may have, so that you will be both comfortable and safe in providing emergency medical care to those in need.

Training Courses:
MEDIC First Aid
* CarePlus  
(Adults, Children and Infants)

This MEDIC First Aid - CarePlus is a combined adult, child, and infant CPR and AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) certification program.

Maximum of only 12 students per class is allowed.


Course cost:  Only $45 per student
Certification is good for 2 years (24 months)

Intended for:
  • Parents 
  • Babysitters
  • Teachers
  • Emergency response teams in business and industry
  • School bus drivers
  • Adult residential care personnel
  • Child care workers


Private Sessions:
Generally a minimum of 4 students is required or a minimum fee of $200 is required for a private group session (minimum students or fee is dependent upon course and location of private group session).  Organizers of classes with 6 students or more may receive additional discounts.  The more students there are the more discounts you can receive.  Contact us today at 801-360-7092 or by e-mail at for further details and to schedule your private group session now.

Only one discount may be used per person, proof of discount qualification must be shown at time of payment in order to receive a discount.  Spouse discount requires both driver licenses showing the same residential address, military discounts require a military ID, law enforcement discounts require a letter from a law enforcement agency on agency letter head and the gun purchase discount requires a copy of the sales receipt.

No persons with a conviction for a Misdemeanor Domestic Violence or a Felony are allowed to attend our firearms or self defense courses. The instructor reserves the right to ask any individual that attends any of our classes or courses to leave for any reason and/or at any time.  Any individual asked to leave will be refunded the cost of the class.

REGISTRATION: Enrollment in our classes is limited and will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. 

REFUNDS: To withdraw from a Foremost Defensive Solutions, LLC class or course you must notify us, in writing, of your intention to withdraw. You may do so by e-mailing your withdrawal to  A full refund will be given to those that withdraw a minimum of 10 days before the scheduled course or class.  Should notice to withdraw be received by us within less than 10 days prior to the scheduled course or class you will be given a refund, minus a $10.00 - $25.00 non-refundable deposit, dependent upon which class you are withdrawing from.  Should we receive your  withdrawal less than 48 hours from the scheduled course or class, no refund will be given.  We may offer you the option of rescheduling to another class, space permitting, for an additional $10 - $25 fee, with no refunds allowed if you should withdraw from the rescheduled class or course.

CANCELLATIONS: We reserve the right to cancel any class or course if minimum enrollments are not met.  In which case, all tuition and fees will be fully refunded.  Notification of cancellation will be made by phone at least one day prior to the start of the class at which time, students will be offered the option of another class, space permitting, or a full refund.

As state laws vary,you we highly recommend that  first contact any other State you plan on visiting to determine all applicable laws regarding specific firearms and self defense laws in those states.
The instructor reserves the right to ask any individual that attends any of our classes or courses to leave for any reason and/or at any time.  Any individual asked to leave will be refunded the cost of the class, minus any non-refundable deposit.

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(Prices are subject to change without prior notice)
We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone!

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